CIL and infrastructure

We offer specialist knowledge of the CIL and infrastructure planning, developed through working closely with the Department and a wide range of local authorities. 

The CIL regime has grown steadily more complex as the Government has sought to adapt it to learning about its application, and deal with problem areas in the Regulations.

Our associates have strong knowledge of development viability and the practicalities of developing a robust CIL charging schedule, alongside effective ongoing use of S106.  We can help you in developing the charging schedule and setting up the machinery to collect and manage the CIL and negotiate S106 contributions. 

The fees for all our support can be recovered from CIL income.

Advisory Support

Drawing on the experience of working with a range of authorities, we can help you in setting the right approach to planning for infrastructure and the CIL, including -

  • the most suitable form for the charging schedule in your local circumstances
  • developing complementary SPG for developer S106 contributions
  • the approach to engaging consultants for viability testing
  • justifying the level of CIL at examination
  • setting up effective arrangements for collection


For enquiries about any of our services, please contact Andrew Wright, General Manager at or call 0845 6019 067.