How can we help you?

We specialise in providing expert advisory support and training at affordable cost, to help you succeed.

All our services are tailored to the particular circumstances of the client. We have no standard models, but develop the support to fit your particular needs. We are passionate about promoting best practice and achieving better planning outcomes.

Our associates are eminent specialists in their fields, and come from senior positions in local government, so they understand the pressures of working in a public and democratic environment. They have practical, hands-on experience to share with you

We specialise in relatively small advisory commissions, which typically cost less than £5,000. This makes our services affordable and easy to procure. 

We are proud to be part of the Planning Officers Society, and take forward its values and ethos in everything we do.

Central Bristol
Tram in Birmingham
CIL and viability
Conference Audience
Bishops Stortford
North Cerney


For enquiries about any of our services, please contact Andrew Wright, General Manager via email or call 0845 6019 067.