Working in the new normal

24 February 2022
It is apparent that changes in how we all work which were caused by the coronavirus pandemic are here to stay. So POS Enterprises offers you the choice of whether services are provided face-to-face or virtually, using Teams or Zoom.  Read more

POS Enterprises


Business as usual - almost

13 May 2020
The coronavirus epidemic continues to dominate our lives, and it will clearly be a long time before we can get back to what we used to think was normal. And the way we work may be different in the future. But that doesn't stop POS Enterprises being able to help you now. Whilst the lockdown prevents face-to-face meetings, we are still able to continue to offer the majority of our services.  Read more

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How local plans treat neighbourhood plans

29 June 2019
The other day, one of our local plan learning groups looked at how local plans deal with neighbourhood plans being prepared within their area. As a generality, local plans seem to either ignore neighbourhood plans altogether, without even acknowledging that they are being prepared; or to try to limit their freedom by asserting that all or most local plan policies are strategic policies. However, there are good examples, where local plans clearly recognise the role to be played by neighbourhood plans, particularly where made NDPs include site allocations or plans in preparation intend to do so. Read more

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Housing need methodology - expediency prevails

11 December 2018
It is ironical that having put in place a standard method for determining housing need based on household projections, the Government has found that the change in the methodology for the 2018 projections means they are simply not a suitable basis for doing so. The projections show big reductions in many local authority areas, partly because of falling in-migration, but also because they effectively “bake-in” the effects of the recession and suppressed demand.  Read more

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Tracking the NPPF

29 October 2018
The scale of change in the revised NPPF from the original makes it tricky to see where policy has been carried forward or changed. So we have prepared two tables which will help in tracking how it has changed. Read more

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Welcome to our new website

03 September 2018
We’ve launched our new website and we’re excited to introduce you to our new look. We hope you’ll find it attractive to use and convenient to navigate, and that it readily provides you with the information you need about our services. Read more

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