Development management

POS Enterprises, working in collaboration with the Planning Advisory Service, took the lead nationally in developing the principles of development management and the localism agenda. We continue to develop our expertise through support to a wide range of clients, and by collaboration with our development management and localism group. Our approach will be tailored to your particular situation and needs, from a full review of the service to a close-up examination of a particular aspect. 

Our associates combine depth of knowledge of good practice with extensive experience of local government management and the democratic decision-making process. They bring friendly challenge to familiar practices, with the ability to see beyond issues of performance and resources to institutional or relationship factors which may be affecting the quality of service delivery. 

A development management review

Our consultants will work with you and the team to:

  • identify and quantify issues relating to how cases are handled
  • provide recommendations on how procedures could be improved or simplified, the service streamlined and the speed of decision making improved
  • assess the effectiveness of staffing and resources
  • point to how you can raise performance and the quality of decisions


Focused support

Not all authorities need a full review of their service. But you can still benefit from having an expert critical friend look in depth at a particular aspect, to see how it could be streamlined or made more effective. Examples of focused studies for a range of clients include -

  • review of the enforcement operation
  • investigation of how a controversial case was handled
  • benchmarking the service against comparator authorities
  • mapping of case handling procedures
  • review of reporting to the Planning Committee
  • a high-level strategic review of the service

The development management and localism group

This group brings practitioners together to explore current live topics in development management, and the implications of changes to the system.


Training for elected members and officers

We offer high quality training for elected members in their responsibilities and the challenges they bring; and for officers on how they can keep themselves fully effective



For enquiries about any of our services, please contact Andrew Wright, General Manager at or call 0845 6019 067.