Local planning

POS Enterprises is a leading provider of support in local planning, through our critical friend service and local plan learning groups.

“We were particularly interested in the service offered by POS Enterprises, which provides a tailored service to authorities ....... We were provided with copies of such early reviews and we consider them to be of very high quality and of genuine value to the receiving authority.”

Report of the Local Plan Expert Group to CLG

Critical Friend Support

A critical friend is there to help, through insight and extensive knowledge of the local plan system.  The service uses a "health check" to help authorities prepare good plans which will be found sound at examination.

We concentrate on practical approaches to plan preparation, with a strong emphasis on getting the fundamentals right and setting a clear focus.  We provide support to both local plans and minerals and waste planning.


Learning Groups

Our learning groups assist groups of authorities to share experience and explore aspects of plan-making practice. Two deal with local plans (with one based in London and the other in Leeds), one specialises in minerals and waste planning, and the fourth deals with neighbourhood planning.  The neighbourhood planning group meets three times a year, and the others four times. 

Participants in the local plan groups select the topics for meetings in the light of their priorities and current interests.  Expert project officers develop discussion materials and facilitate rewarding meetings. 

The minerals and waste group is one of the few channels of support to minerals and waste authorities.  Members make extensive use of a contact group to raise queries with each other. 

The neighbourhood planning group was set up to bring together practitioners who support qualifying bodies.  It provides a forum for officers to share thinking about aspects of the regime.

Current participation fees are £1,450 per year for the two local plan groups, £1,600 per year for the minerals and waste group, and £1,000 per year for the neighbourhood planning group. 


Training for local plan examination

This course helps staff who will be involved in the examination to get into the right mind-set, and organise themselves to engage effectively with the examination process.   It  explores likely examination issues and how they might be dealt with.


Specialist services

Strategic planning: Help in exploring the alternative approaches to find the most promising structure of strategic and local plans.

Green Belt appraisal: Advice on the principles which should underpin an appraisal, and best practice in the process.

Planning for gypsies and travellers: Support tailored to your particular situation, covering both advice on approach and member and officer training.

Design and the environment: Assistance  in building good design into your policy and ways of working.



For enquiries about any of our services, please contact Andrew Wright, General Manager via email andrewwright@posenterprises.co.uk or call 0845 6019 067.