Learning groups

Our learning groups are unique to POS Enterprises. They bring together groups of practitioners who are keen to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date, and be on top of changes in the plan making system.  What makes them unique is that each group is supported by expert project officers, who develop discussion materials and facilitate lively and rewarding meetings.

There are eight learning groups.  Two cover local planning, one specialises in minerals and waste planning, one deals with development management, three address CIL and viability, and one focuses on neighbourhood planning.

Local planning groups

The two groups assist authorities to share experience and explore aspects of plan-making practice.  One is based in London and the other in Leeds.

Participants agree the topics for meetings in the light of their priorities and current interests.  The meetings tackle the change agenda in planning, such as the draft changes to the NPPF, together with important aspects of professional practice.

The groups meet four times a year, and the annual participation fee is £1,450.

The minerals and waste group

This group is important because it is one of the few channels of support to minerals and waste practitioners.  In addition to the valuable content of the group meetings, members make extensive use of an email contact group to raise queries or issues of practice with each other.

The group meets four times a year, and the annual participation fee is £1,600.  We also offer corresponding membership for £300 per year.

The development management and localism group

This group brings practitioners together to explore current live topics in development management.  Meetings include presentations by the project officers, demonstrations by group members or guests on interesting initiatives and practices, and analysis of emerging national policy changes.

CLG representatives regularly attend the meetings, to provide updates and to hear group members’ views on the practicalities of planned changes to the regime.

The group meets three times a year, and the annual participation fee is £1,000.

CIL and infrastructure groups

We run three CIL and infrastructure planning learning groups: two national groups which meet in London, and a northern group which meets in Leeds.  The groups enable participants from over 50 authorities to explore the practical implications around the CIL and S106. 

Experience shows that the operation of the CIL and collection of monies is even more demanding than putting the charging schedule in place.  Our CIL implementation group brings together authorities which are already charging (or close to doing so), to explore the practical issues which arise and how to tackle them.  At the same time the group keeps abreast of emerging changes to the CIL regime.  Its members make extensive use of an email group to raise queries and issues with other each other.

The Leeds group and the second London-based group are geared to a wider range of experience and progress with the CIL.  Their meetings explore different aspects of the CIL regime, including the experience of examinations and current proposals for change to regulations or practice. 

Each group meets four times a year.  The participation fee is £1,500 per year. 

The neighbourhood planning group

This group grew out of the realisation that although there is good support for neighbourhood planning groups, there is none for the LPA officers charged with assisting them.  The group provides a forum for officers to examine and share thinking about aspects of the neigbourhood planning regime, and develop their expertise in the specialist skills that are needed.  

There are three meetings a year in addition to the mutual online support, and the meetings are informed by discussion with guests that have included civil servants, academics, consultants, examiners and others engaged in neighbourhood planning.  Among other matters, group members have agreed they want to use the group to keep up to date with changing regulations, identify and disseminate good practice, learn how to help neighbourhood plan groups achieve better quality assurance and health checks, and capture good ideas from case studies.

The annual participation fee is £1,000.


For enquiries about any of our services, please contact Andrew Wright, General Manager at andrewwright@posenterprises.co.uk or call 0845 6019 067.