Working in the new normal

24 February 2022

It is apparent that changes in how we all work which were caused by the coronavirus pandemic are here to stay.  So POS Enterprises offers you the choice of whether services are provided face-to-face or virtually, using Teams or Zoom.

Our learning groups have decided that they will continue to meet virtually most of the time, but perhaps with the occasional face-to-face meeting to allow for better interaction than is practicable virtually.  The groups provide an excellent way to keep up with the changing world of planning and explore aspects of good practice, whether in relation to plan making, minerals and waste planning, development management, implementing the CIL, or neighbourhood planning.

All our direct services to clients are available face-to face or virtually.  They include member and officer training, local plan critical friend support, development management review, Green Belt appraisal, and addressing viability.


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